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Amin S Visram
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    Amin serves as CEO of Vista Hospitality Group and he co-founded the Group in 1992 with his brother Ally Visram. Amin's primary responsibilities include acquisition and disposition of hotels and real estate properties, management of shopping malls, office buildings and related commercial real estate. He also oversees legal and corporate development plans, expansion strategies, acquisition strategies, refinancing etc.

    Amin holds an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Sheridian College of Applied Arts & Technology, Brampton, Ontario, Canada and a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Economics from York University, Ontario, Canada. He also acquired Juris Doctor from New England School of Law, Boston, MA, United States. He was admitted to the Bar in US in 1985 was engaged in active legal practice until he founded the Vista Hospitality Group in 1992.

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